The Scarce Skills - Mining Remuneration Report 2018

BDO Remuneration and Reward, in association with The Resources Hub and Business News, is proud to present the ‘The Scarce Skills Remuneration Report 2018’, which is now available for purchase.

This report provides an informative study offering broad and comprehensive market insights, with some firm guidelines to aid businesses’ remuneration decision-making. WA’s industry leaders are interpreting a return to growth as a sign the state's economy is back on track, with $103 billion of resources projects in the pipeline.

With a large number of projects under way nationally, and even more in various planning stages, many skilled workers have relocated or stayed in those regions where the opportunities and pay are on par with, if not more than, their expectations for working fly-in, fly-out in the WA resources sector.

This report analyses the market information from across Australia, and been broken down into four BDO market categories.

    1. The Internal Market Rate, which represents the current rates that workers are employed at. This is a historical rate.
    2. The External Market Rate, which represents those rates being advertised by recruitment companies. This is a current rate.
    3. The Candidate Rate, which represents the rate candidates aspire to (candidate expectations of salary level based on The Resource Hub’s candidate survey, with over 800 respondents).
    4. The Talent Attraction Rate, which is a guideline developed considering each market and what companies may need to consider offering to attract the right skills for the business.

The roles that have been reviewed in this report are as follows.

  • Trade leading hands (boilermaker, HD fitters, instrument technician, auto electrician, underground electricians, electricians, LV mechanic, reliability technician, refrigeration tech, maintenance planner, fixed plant fitter, tyre fitter, trade assistant).
  • Underground operational (jumbo operator, bogger operator, charge-up operator, service crew).
  • Surface operational (excavator operator, all-rounder, blast hole driller, exploration driller).
  • Mineral processing (senior process operator, metallurgical tech, professional role family, mine engineer, project engineer, reliability engineer, exploration geologist, mining geologist, hydrogeologists, process engineer).

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